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     Art has been my passion for over 50 years.  I have gained a wealth of  knowledge, from a diverse study of art techniques and form.  My love to design and create led me to degrees in both Graphic and Interior Design.  But, after brief careers in both fields, I became frustrated.  These endeavors  just didn't allow me to be as creative as I would have hoped.

     Today... I imagine, design, and create art my way and on my terms - unrestricted and its exciting.  I am in the early stages of building a website and my body of work. This gallery will be expanding as I complete pieces in my studio.  I have several items in international quilt shows - some touring and some returning home.  Many of these pieces are still available for purchase.  Please feel free to contact me, if you would like information on pricing and availability.  Some of the pieces will be on tour until Sept 2019, but can be secured with a deposit.  

    Please continue to check back, here, or visit Barbara Lloyd Art on Facebook for a look at some of my community projects. You may find a collection of sculptures, mosaics, paintings, or stained glass in addition to the textile art and quilts that you see here .... because its my art - my way. 

Thanks for visiting.

Barbara Lloyd Art              Severance, Colorado                     
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